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کوتاکوتی یا همان kotakoti دختری زیباست که شباهت بسیاری به باربی دارد و باید او را باربی واقعی نامید







کوتاکوتی یا همان kotakoti دختر ژاپنی است که شباهت بسیاری به باربی دارد و باید او را باربی واقعی نامید

Kotakoti, also known as Dakota Rose and ダコタ・ローズ (real name Dakota Ostrenga), used to be a B grade (scene queen), but she was always in her older sister Kirsten’s (Kiki Kannibal) shadow, more or less.
First recognized to have been embroiled in the Kiki Kannibal Buzznet shitstorm, (circa 2006 - today), Dakota has since decided that she does not want to make the intelligent decision of learning from her older, whore sisters mistakes and has begun making quite a name for herself; namely on 4chan's cosplay & EGL imageboard, /cgl/ - also informally known as "bitch-capital".
Dakota spends most of her time slapping on 5lbs of makeup, using Photoshop in order to further her career in the speculative art of taking thousands of pictures of herself and uploading them to multiple social networking sites, like most "try-hards", only Dakota does it with more of a dramatical twist. When not running around in fields with her tripod, she can typically be found with her head in a toilet bowl in an attempts to become thin and attending the various model scouting sessions Dakota like to vivaciously tweet about.
She was signed to the Japanese agency Ufufu Girls who still tried to sell her as a living doll, who dropped her as soon as their 1-year contract was over and deleted fucking everything of Dakota from their website and jewtube, they have since found some other girl to sell their clothing. Bravo Models has still kept her on their website with their lulzy video of her which is proof that she photoshops her body thinner.

Born: 19 September 1995 (age 21), Chicago, Illinois, United States
Height: 1.62 m
Siblings: Kirsten Ostrenga
Parents: Scott Ostrenga, Cathy Ostrenga